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There are large photographs posted in every entry- easily accessible and easily stolen. So why have them up? Well for one, I feel that you can only see the food so well in a small picture, and if you’re like me, you appreciate a large close-up. Secondly, as a graphic designer who loves food styling and food photography, I often use photos of food when designing, and am often searching online for the perfect snapshot of a carrot or cheesecake to complement or inspire- thus, following the golden rule, I’m putting these out here for those who, like me, have need of them. Should I find that theivery is taking place- please do credit if you use any of the photos!- I’ll sadly have to revert to thumbnails. Please, don’t make me do that. It would take a long time, and I’m lethargic :)

The tips, thoughts, and musings you see here are, unless otherwise noted, thought up by myself (or, quite often, my mother, who has trained me in her delectable ways) and the result of trial and error, accident, and luck. Any original recipes here may NOT be used without permission in any sort of contest, publication, or used as a means to gain reward. They are posted as a resource to you to learn from and cook/bake, but are not meant to be given as your own or for you to profit from. If a recipe is being referenced from another source, then this is a recipe I have taken and edited/altered.

Please take these with a grain of salt, realize that they are my thoughts and not absolute truths, and do comment to let me know your thoughts on them! I hope for this to be a thriving forum of discussion and debate- after all, we all know how passions are aflame in the kitchen- and am always open for my views to be challenged.

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