Ravioli Lasagna


Yesterday was Valentine’s Day- and usually the boyfriend and I do some walking or dancing, something simple. He’s not the surprising sort, so I was enthusiastically baffled when he presented me with the most beautiful bouquet of roses, lillies, and lavendar I had ever seen yesterday. It’s gargantuan- and it’s positively lovely :). To say thanks, I wanted to make a particularly enjoyable dinner for tonight. Upon asking what he would like, he mentioned that he had really enjoyed the tortelloni of a few weeks ago. My sister mentioned she had some leftover ravioli she wasn’t planning to have, and so came about the ravioli lasagna.

The contents are whole-wheat prosciutto-chicken ravioli; sauteed carrots, bell pepper, roasted garlic, and tomato in olive oil (cooked like this); and a thick layer of mozarella. Some corriander (I was looking for cardamum but settled happily on this one), large sea salt, freshly-cracked pepper, a drizzle of olive oil… it smelled fantastic, is oh-so-simple, and when plated prettily with some salad, is a sight to see.

Taking pasta- of any sort- adding sauteed vegetables, and baking it with a layer of cheese (of your choice) on top is, I guarantee, an easy way to add class to an already-delightful recipe. Which cheese do you find melts best? Whole Foods has a nice part-skim mozarella that slices nicely and browns perfectly on top.

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