Molten Chocolate Cake


Gooey, warm chocolate cake + fresh strawberries + melting vanilla ice cream = rather heavenly. My friend Saloni had tipped me off that Martha Stewart had a rather incredible molten chocolate cake recipe, and as H had mentioned some time ago that we ought to make it, we decided it the perfect night to do so. These cakes are perfect because they’re individually-sized, and we already had all the necessary ingredients at home- I love it when that happens!

We opted to half the recipe (a tad bit complicated on the egg but nothing else) as H had half the necessary quantity of baker’s chocolate on hand- that, and having extra molten cakes waiting about the apartment seemed unproductive and potentially dangerous.

Thus we made the cakes, perfectly according to the recipe- it’s simple, very few ingredients! In they went to the oven (in rakemins, not a muffin tin) and as per suggestions on the recipe website, we cooked them for only 8 minutes. Despite the short time frame, the middle was gooey but not liquid- so clearly this one is difficult to master on timing. After a 5 minute cooling period, we turned them up-side down onto plates, dusted with powdered sugar, topped it off with fresh strawberry halves and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and mmmh. Now I just want to go make some more of them :) It’s a nice cake- not too airy, not too dense, and with the ice cream, fantastic. They’re quick, easy, and make for a perfect dessert if entertaining with fairly large parties, as it’s easy to upscale the recipe and make more!

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