Mini Dense Chocolate Cakes


H and I developed a strong affinity from our first attempt at molten chocolate cake and were craving it, so… why not make it again? We yet again followed the recipe to the letter (Martha Stewart’s excellent recipe is super simple), this time completing it fully rather than halving it. It continues to be not molten or lava-like but rather very squishy and moist in the middle, and they’re really quite dense.

There’s something oddly gourmet about them- we’re unable to pinpoint the exact thing that brings it about- but one thing’s for certain, they’re absolutely delicious. My friend Saloni suggests baking them in a muffin tin for lava texture, so I suppose we’ll have to- for the same of experimentation- try them again in the future. It’s a hardship, but we’re willing to slave for our cause. I really highly suggest you try this cake- it’s perfect for entertaining, easy to make in large batches if you have a good set of rammekins (rammies!), and are very easy do-ahead cakes to heat up for the next day. We had ours warm, with melting vanilla ice cream and a small pile of strawberries; the next day I ate this demo cake pictured above cold with blueberries. It’s delicious either way (hot or cold), and would probably go wonderfully with any berry!

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