Tuna Pesto Panino


I’ve been happily playing with my new toy (the grill pan) making a flurry of panini. They’re quick, they’re simple, and they’re hot- why would I not be making them in excess? This variant included my second-favourite fish: tuna! There are pro’s and con’s to tuna panini, I have found, the most important part being: use large chunks! I had some smaller chunks which fell off the sides and sadly immediately began to burn. That said, despite this issue, it was a very yummy sandwich.

Tuna Pesto Panino

Ingredients (makes one sandwich):

  • 2 slices cut approx. 1-inch thick of rustic bread of your choice (french boule, rustic/country bread, a fairly dense ciabatta, etc- so long as it’s got few holes and a good crust)
  • 1 can chunk light tuna (larger chunks are preferable!)
  • 2 medallions fresh mozarella cheese
  • 1 tablespoon of traditional basil pesto (half spread on each slice of bread)
  • 2 cherry tomatoes, sliced into 1/3 inch thick slices, blotted dry with a paper towel


  1. Heat panini press or grill pan
  2. Spread pesto onto the bread slices
  3. Spread tuna over one of the bread slices, arranging evenly
  4. Place mozarella cheese over the tuna
  5. Place tomato slices over the mozarella (open-face down onto the mozarella for end slices)
  6. Put bread slices together carefully so as to not spill ingredients
  7. Place sandwich on panini press and pull down the top; or, place on grill pan and place pressing tool on top; or, place on grill pan and if you do not have a panini press, put a heavy weight on top
  8. Grill/press for 4-5 minutes, then if browned to your preference, flip over and grill for another 4-5 minutes
  9. Remove from heat, slice in half at a slight diagonal, and dig in :)

For added fun, use chicken of the sea and have a laugh. I used Starkist, but any brand will do! Try it out, this is a very nutritious and hearty panino!

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