Fruippe exists to share with others my joy in cooking and baking; to share experiences, accidents, and musings on the culinary arts; to learn from others on how to enhance and improve my cuisine and, perhaps, aid others in theirs; to keep a running tab of what I’m making, when I’m making it, with whom, and what the circumstances were of each cooking adventure. For me, cooking has always been experimentation.

When I was growing up, my mother donated her old pots and pans to me and I would be outside on most sunny mornings, “cooking”. My menu usually consisted of:

  • Sun-roasted acorn stew with rosemary sprigs “borrowed” from my mother’s herb garden
  • Milkweed sap reduction on crunchy dried Magnolia leaves, adorned with wine cup (wildflower) petals
  • Fresh clover juice with minced false garlic (wildflower)
  • Acorn-marinade masserated tomatillos

I should have taken this as an early sign of a passion for cooking, but thought it perhaps to be an early interest in chemistry. Interest or not, my chemical aptitude proved to be less than stellar, and so here I am, cooking and baking.

I hope this to be a place where I can post what I’ve learned from my experiments and accidents, learn from my readers in turn via their comments, and with some luck help out a reader or two via my commentary or pictures. It’s a give-and-take relationship, and frankly, I’m eager to get started!

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